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All children have the right to be protected from harm and to feel safe and we believe that all staff have the responsibility to ensure that this happens.  At Shaftesbury, we have fostered a strong safeguarding ethos based on an honest, open, caring and supportive climate.  


The school ensures children learn in a safe, caring and enriching environment.  Children are taught how to keep themselves safe, online and offline, to develop positive and healthy relationships and how to avoid situations where they might be at risk including by being exploited.


The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is the person in school who takes a lead role for safeguarding and child protection, supports staff members to carry out their safeguarding duty and liaises closely with children's social care and other services.


At Shaftesbury, Karl Stewart is the DSL with 3 deputy DSLs; Helen Cartwright, Vicki Sweeney & Jane Espley.  Further details can be found below.


On this page, we have gathered together important information on safeguarding all in one place.  


If you have any concerns or require advice on a concern regarding the safety, health or well-being of a child who is a pupil at our school please contact one of our designated safeguarding team.

Alternatively, if the child is in immediate danger or is not a pupil at the school please contact Leicester City Children’s Services on 0116 4541004 or the police on 999 or 0116 2222222.


The school office will re-direct your call to a team member.  The safeguarding team will acknowledge receipt of the email as soon as they have read it by replying to you.


School office contact number is 0116 2549203.


Please click on the links below for further information.   If you would like a paper copy of any of these documents, please contact the school office.