Shaftesbury Junior School

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Welcome to Shaftesbury Junior School from the governors. We have a very active governing body, all of whom meet on a regular basis and work with school leaders to ensure the very best education for all pupils.  We are very proud to offer our support and challenge to the school leaders of Shaftesbury.  The total number of governors for the school currently stands at 10.


Our members are:

Ms Alex Buchanan-Smith, Co-chair of Governors, Co-opted Governor

Mr Chirag Parmar, Co-chair of Governors, Co-opted Governor

Mr Nick Cox, Vice-chair, Co-opted Governor

Mr Omar Abduljalil, Parent Governor

Ms Gurninder Bhella, Co-opted Governor

Mrs Sharon Dakin, Parent Governor

Reverend Bertin Hermo, Co-opted Governor

Mrs Anisha Kanji, Staff Governor

Mr Karl Stewart, Headteacher

Ms Zoe Warner, Co-opted Governor


Dates of full governing body meetings for 2021-22 are:


  • Monday 20th September 
  • Monday 1st November
  • Monday 6th December
  • Monday 7th February
  • Monday 28th March 
  • Monday 23rd May
  • Monday 27th June 


Below you will find the attendance and training record for governors, the Instrument of Government and other helpful documents or links.  If you would like a paper copy of any of these documents, please contact the school office.

Meet the governors


Ms Alex Buchanan-Smith


Hi I'm Alex, I work as a Goldsmith and CAD Jewellery Designer. I am concerned about the environment (as a household we don't drive) we cycle and walk any time we can. I practice yoga, think green spaces and getting our doors is great. Reading is a joy (I personally love Fantasy, Sci-fi and Historical Fiction). In this Governing role I look forward to learning more about the education system, it will be great to be involved in shaping the way children learn.

My children tell me I have lots of good ideas and that I am sensible but creative (I think they are right). I believe creative industries are the future (something the robots may not take over) Britain has a good foundation, I think creative thinking should always be encouraged and that the cultural diversity in Leicester is a great inspiration and puts the local children at an advantage! I believe children should be given the tools to think critically about the world around them and understand the different agendas of the organisations and media they are surrounded by. I think a good understanding of the world coupled with a creative outlet (in whatever form) is helpful in supporting children's mental and emotional heath.

I loved School and I think everyone should!


Mr Chirag Parmar


Hi I’m Chirag Parmar and I am a co-opted School Governor. I work in risk and compliance working the banking sector and my hobbies include playing football and writing poetry. I am hoping that my being a school governor, I am able to help shape the future leaders, and in turn, increase my knowledge of the mechanics of how a school operates. 


Mr Nick Cox


I am a retired police officer who has been in school governance for 12 years. I live in Glenfield and I have two teenage children, one at college and the other at university. My family is originally from the West End and my father would have attended Shaftesbury Junior in the 1930’s.

I have been a governor at Shaftesbury for 8 years and for the past 5 as Chair. I have experience of governance at another city primary school and previously at a county primary school. I have been a regular visitor to the school and have attended cross country and swimming events in which the school has been involved.

I shall be continuing with my safeguarding role on the governing body and look forward to more normal times when I can continue my support for the school’s Eco Committee.


Rev Bertin Hermo


I am Bertin,  the vicar at the Church of the Martyrs which is located opposite the school. I am originally from Norway but have lived in the UK for over 30 years. My wife and I moved to Leicester in June 2019 and love being here! Some of my hobbies are running, watching sports and playing music.

I have three daughters who are now all young adults. When they attended a local Christian primary school I was involved in helping with assemblies from time to time. It is great living across the road from SJS, hearing the chatter of excited children playing outside during their breaks. I am hoping I can serve our school well as a governor in the season ahead.  


Mrs Anisha Kanji


Hi, I’m Anisha and have worked at Shaftesbury Junior School for over 15 years as a class teacher and I am passionate about providing our children with the best possible education so that each individual reaches their true potential. I have worked in several year groups in Key Stage 2 and am currently based in Year 4. I am part of the Senior Management Team, an English Lead and the Year 3/4 co-ordinator. I am excited about my role as Staff Governor as I feel it will provide me with further opportunity to work alongside staff, families and our community to ensure our pupils receive an enriching and inspiring curriculum.


Ms Zoe Warner



Hello! My name is Zoe and I am part-time self-employed and I also do volunteer work. I have two children so therefore a full-time mum too. I have a wide range of interests that include some more general things such as mindfulness,  reading, studying new things, politics, yoga and gaming (this is the one that makes me a "cool mum" according to my kids!), but also things like card reading, collecting as a family, writing, cosmetics and I have a big love for watching F1 and drinking ludicrous amounts of tea. 


I am looking forward to seeing what I can learn from my role as a governor, but I am also excited to bring forth my skills/knowledge in the areas of mental health/mindfulness, SEND (a matter close to home within my family) and also the perspectives, thoughts and ideas of the other parents whom I enjoy communicating with.

Parent Governor Election - Nomination Letter and Forms