Shaftesbury Junior School

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EAL Upper School




In Year 5 and 6 English as an Additional Language (EAL) children are supported both in and out of class by

Mrs Chilton-Thomas.

The focus is on spoken and written English understanding.


  • Children have the opportunity to use their home language to support their understanding, draw on prior experiences and are given opportunities to share their cultural and religious knowledge.


  • Children’s spoken levels are analysed using the NASSEA framework and they are given additional support to aid progression and understanding of the language demands of lessons.


  • Language learning opportunities are given in short, time-focused sessions giving pupils with EAL time to transfer skills from one topic/subject to another.


  • Opportunities to use visual materials and first language knowledge to enhance both understanding and access to curriculum-based subjects is a priority for enabling class-based support.


  • Teaching strategies are discussed and shared with class teachers and support staff to ensure curriculum access and language acquisition.