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EAL years 5 and 6




In Year 5 and 6 English as an Additional Language (EAL) children are supported both in and out of class by

Mrs Chilton-Thomas.

The focus is on spoken and written English understanding.


  • Children have the opportunity to use their home language to support their understanding, draw on prior experiences and are given opportunities to share their cultural and religious knowledge.


  • Children’s spoken levels are analysed using the NASSEA framework and they are given additional support to aid progression and understanding of the language demands of lessons.


  • Language learning opportunities are given in short, time-focused sessions giving pupils with EAL time to transfer skills from one topic/subject to another.


  • Opportunities to use visual materials and first language knowledge to enhance both understanding and access to curriculum-based subjects is a priority for enabling class-based support.


  • Teaching strategies are discussed and shared with class teachers and support staff to ensure curriculum access and language acquisition.


   Czech Republic visitors



During June 2017 we were visited by delegates from the Czech Republic

to see how EAL (English as an Additional Language) is taught, along with the diversity, multiculturalism and language acquisition of the school. They were very impressed with children attending the school, who spoke twenty-seven different first languages and the provision given to them.

We were also very proud of our children who welcomed our visitors in their own languages and were observed and asked questions during the visit.  Delegates were also shown around the school and observed a Year 5 class lesson along with attending a question and answer session and observing an EAL lesson by Mrs Chilton-Thomas.

A huge thank you to all children and staff for their support during this visit.



            French TV visit


Thursday 6th April 2017 a Year 3 EAL group were filmed during a language development session with Mrs Chilton-Thomas. The children were their usual inquisitive selves, asking questions and supporting each other. We looked at foods from around the world, where different foods come from and discussed how they arrived in England.

We continued the lesson with children drawing, labelling and describing their favourite food from the countries their home countries.


Following on from the lesson, some children were asked questions about their religious beliefs and how they learn. Mrs Chilton-Thomas was filmed talking about teaching strategies, the beliefs of the group and how children integrate with children from other religions.

A huge thank you to all children and staff for their support during this visit.




      Norwegian delegate visit



26 September 2016 – Shaftesbury was visited by the Mayor of Drammen, Norway and his executive team along with a representative from the St. Philip’s Centre Ltd Leicester. The focus was on supporting children who have English as an Additional Language (EAL) and how this is integrated and monitored into everyday school life.


The delegates were shown a presentation and given assessment sheets and the NASSEA framework to demonstrate record keeping, this followed with them observing an EAL lesson and asking questions to the children about how they learn.


A St. Philips Centre representative wrote- The whole programme seems to have been much appreciated and they were given much to think about on their return to Norway. 


A huge thank you to all children and staff for their support during this visit.




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